Workout Waist Cincher

waist cincher corset 2Get the most out of your workout with this faja style waist cinching garment.  Anytime you’re going to be active You can wear this Ann Chery waist cincher shapewear  Whether you take it outside for a run or for a workout at the gym it will be sure to ac impact to your healthy lifestyle.  The way this latex waist cincher works is you wrap it around your midsection. By doing this you create compression in your core,  which increases perspiration and stimulates thermal activity.

This allows toxicns and impurities to exit the skin. all the while mobilizing fat cells.  In other words, the band ensures that your workout is really working for you.  The band is made with a soft cotton core and soft latex exterior and interior lining. Because it sits at your waist, the band extends the upper abdominals.

You can size down the garment using two columns of hook-and-eye closures. We use Felixboning  to anchor the cincher and prevent migration. If you’ve been thinking about adding a supplement to your active lifestyle, you’ll love the power the workout band by Ann Chery brings with it.

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Ann Chery Waist Cincher ( See Reviews Below)

ann chery waist cincher 3The Ann Chery classic latex waist cincher is a shapewear that you can wear anytime.  The band itself is constructed from a latex core with a soft cotton interior lining. It sits at your waist, extending to the upper abdominals. Two columns of hook-and eye-closures allow you to size the garment down with you. Flexiboning anchors the cincher and prevents migration. If you’ve been thinking about adding a sexy shapewear supplement to your active lifestyle, you’ll love the power the workout band by Ann Chery brings with it.

For best results, measure your waistline above your belly button and choose  your size by using the size chart.  Do not use your clothing size.

  •  Hook -and -eye closure
  • Latex cotton lining
  • Imported
  • Corrects posture
  • High compression. Reduce up to 5 inches in waist
  • Flexiboning anchors the cincher and prevents migration
  • For best results, measure
  • your waistline above yourbelly button and choose your size by using the sizechart. Do not use your clothing size as Ann Chery’s Shapewears runs very small

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

All I can say is SHAMMM WOW!

By Jhenellede’Na on November3, 2013

The thing is AMAZING! The size chart is very accurate (if this product doesn’t have a sizing chart, search the same product that does! Duh. It’s more than one saler that has this product. Crazy! It holds you in and keeps you sitting right allll day! I wear it everywhere, everyday! Gym, grocery stores,  ice skating EVERYWHERE!! I recently went to a party and decided to work a super form fitted dress, can you say “PERFECTION”? Now say it again. It’s so comfortable you forget you have it on! And it’s totally undetectable, until some lame grabs you by waist to move you out of the way to get to the bathroom! Get off me cornball! (moment… I had one) It reminds you of a waist slimming belt but super fitted to your body. It’s not very stretchy and that’s the point. I’m on the second row of hooks ALREADY! Holla @cha girl! I’m a very athletic shape, 5’7, 180 pounds…38′ 30′ 42′ so I went with a LARGE! Awesome decision on my part. It is a little wierd at first but after a day or so it becomes a part of your body. I’ve lost 3 inches on my waist and 8 lbs. (172 lbs) in about 2 weeks. I’m also not as hungry as usual due to the compression of the shaper. I paired this bad boy with Labrada Nutrition Lean Body For Her Fat Burner Capsules, 60 count and Alboline Moisturizing  Cleanser, 12oz and PRESTO…the baddest biddy was born! lol. I really hopes this helps someone…it’s an awesome shaper, research it before you decide to just choose any ol’ size, I’ve read a lot about disappointment in sizing when it comes to these types of shapers. Happy Choosing!

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Womens Bodysuits

womens bodysuits 33These form fitting but still quite covered bodysuits are sure to make you feel slim and sexy with their low neckline and low-cut back.

The fabric is Rayon and feels great against the body. The fabric stretches and hugs your body too.  And the waist band stay in place when you bend over or squat down.

Also great for tucking into high wasted pants.

If you’re looking for sexy tummy shaper or waist cincher shape wear you can find a pair with  a comfortable,  perfect fit that’s warm enough on cool days but can also be worn on hotter days as you would wear a T-shirt or  tank top.



These great looking bodysuits are available in :

  • Basic Solid Long Sleeve
  • Adjustable Strap With Built-In Bra
  • Short Sleeve Crew Neck
  • Long Sleeve W/Twisted Peel-A-Boo Back
  • Turtleneck Long Sleeve
  • Short Sleeve
  • Comfortable Fit

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