Waist Cincher Corset (See reviews below)

waist cincher corset 2Whether you’re wearing this slimming waist cincher corset with a shirt or a bra it’s sure to bring in your waist in all the right places.  This featured Black taffeta corset shapewear from Best Waist Cincher goes with just about anything and is a must have in any wardrobe of womens bodysuits.

Get your hour glass figure with this  sexy shapewear lined with cotton  and a generous  amount of steel bones.  Crafted by a skilled corsetiere this corset was designed in Europe by Playgirl London. It is constructed with a steel busk and features 10 steel bones in all.  High density steel by Europe is used throughout the shape wear corset.


The Playgirl Sexy shape wear corsets feature 100% steel lining, lace up back, suspender loops and modesty panel.  The front length of this corset is 10.5 and has great midriff coverage.

On sizing we recommend a corset 4-5″ below yor natural waistline measurement at the narrowest part, depending on how much waist reduction you’re looking for and your experience in wearing corsets.

  • Designed to pull in the wearer’s waist, flatten tummy and improve posture
  • Steel rusk front closure, lace up back with strong laces and modesty panel
  • Tafetta cloth with 100% cotton lining
  • High density steel bones to help the wearer with the hourglass figure
  • 10″ front and back length

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 Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Love It!

By CJ on January 14, 2014

I have used Spanx before…and I originally thought this would be similar. I don’t have that hourglass shape that some women seem to have.

My main target is my belly region, so I bought this ( and also, admittedly purchased it with a weight loss supplement that actually seemed to work. At the same time that the Squeem was shaping my middle region, I was also losing a few pounds on the side as well (and guess where they came off!) It seemed like wearing the Squeem around actually “forced” my body to lose weight, targeted directly at my mid-section.

When I wear this, I also realize how bad my posture really  is, and how much my extra weight is straining my back. When I have this on, it really takes the load off my back and makes it feel so much better. Once I lose even more weight my back will have had time to “recover” and with the support of the Squeem, I will have a much better posture too.

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