Workout Waist Cincher

waist cincher corset 2Get the most out of your workout with this faja style waist cinching garment.  Anytime you’re going to be active You can wear this Ann Chery waist cincher shapewear  Whether you take it outside for a run or for a workout at the gym it will be sure to ac impact to your healthy lifestyle.  The way this latex waist cincher works is you wrap it around your midsection. By doing this you create compression in your core,  which increases perspiration and stimulates thermal activity.

This allows toxicns and impurities to exit the skin. all the while mobilizing fat cells.  In other words, the band ensures that your workout is really working for you.  The band is made with a soft cotton core and soft latex exterior and interior lining. Because it sits at your waist, the band extends the upper abdominals.

You can size down the garment using two columns of hook-and-eye closures. We use Felixboning  to anchor the cincher and prevent migration. If you’ve been thinking about adding a supplement to your active lifestyle, you’ll love the power the workout band by Ann Chery brings with it.

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