Body Wrap Shapewear (See Reviews Below)

body-wrap-shapewear-150x150Smooth out your waist line and leave no bump under your dress with our bodywrap long leg high waist panty. By lifting and shaping this sexy shapewear comfortably gives a more natural round derriere. It’s also a tummy shaper and slenderizes the hips and thighs. It provides continuous firm support and total comfort all day long with its allover shaping. It flattens the tummy with immediate visable results creating a seemingly toned and fit body. Sexier, slimmer and firmer looking. Slenderize your hips, thighs and tummy with these sexy womens bodysuits. You will find the right one for you at Best Waist Cincher!

  • Imported
  • 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex for total comfort all day long
  • Seamless
  • Tummy control panel: Extra firm band that runs along thigh
  • Machine wash cod, hand dry


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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

No Visible Panty Lines or Bulges Anywhere:0)

By Sue Hastwell August 27, 2010

First discovered these locally (Australia) at Fernandos, a delightful special occasion boutique in Osborne Park, trying to find an outfit for a wedding.  Didn’t find an outfit but got this fabulous shapewear and have been wearing this brand pretty much ever since. I have the long leg and high waist shapewear in both nude and black to cover all possible outfits. Started out just for the special occasion wear, but then decided to wear them daily for every day work wear. No visible bulges or panty lines anywhere:0) while wearing this shapewear. It feels like my tummy is held in, ie not sticking out like it usually does! plus suprisingly some lower to mid level back support, which you notice straight away when not wearing the shapewear.  Have tried a couple of other brands, but this is one of the most supportive and best sizing for my body type.

Over time they become fairly thin in the crotch area, and the high waist section tends to roll down, mainly in the back area as the elasticity wears, both probably due to extended washing and wearing. If you are not careful you can easily tear the fabric with a fingernail if you do not smooth it out as you go along, rather than try to pull it up from the top. Speaking from experience, but did fix the ladder run with nail polish! It’s like putting panty hose on, need to start from the extremities and work your way up, slowly but carefully. To keep the shapewear anti static, for the synthetic type clothing, I put on body lotion in the inner and outer thigh region, seems to stop it from being too clingy. Not so bad with pants but a definite problem with a skirt. Interesting feeling in the open crotch area when wearing a skirt, but you do get use to it!!

Would definitely recommend and buy again actually!


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Full Body Shapewear (See Reviews Below)

full body shapewear 2Benefit your health with our Slim Body Bamboo Charcoal Shapewear which is made out of a Bamboo charcoal yarn that benefits your health while sculpting your waist and flattening your tummy.  This body wrap shapewear  dissolves bacteria while keeping sweat away. This material, made from Bamboo,  contains an abundance of mineral trace elements that revitalize your body. This sexy shapewear Torsette is very comfortable while hiding bulges and lifting your bustline. It also sculpts your waist and flattens your tummy.  You can wear this with your favorite push-up bra.

  • Totally comfortable and confident.  Hides unsightly bulges giving you a sleek, slim look
  • Color; Gray
  • Contains abundance of mineral trace elements that the body needs, greatly benefitting your health
  • Adjusts humidity in accordance with the external conditions

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 Most Helpful Reviews

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Great for body “enhancing”, not re-shaping.

By Erinb on July 27, 2011

I bought the Flexees Women’s Firm Control Strapless Full Slip because I needed a slip to wear Under my summer dresses. I’m petite (5’0″ and 100 lbs and wear a B cup). I wasn’t looking for the shaping control, so much as I was looking for a good fit and smooth line under my clothes. The strapless feature was a must and the built-in panties keep the lines seem free.

The Pros:

-The length is good, even for short girls who wear short dresses.

-The fitted style is great for eliminating bulk under thinner materials or fitted dresses/ blouses, and I have to say that the unexpected benefit of the fitted slip was I knew my butt was never going to be on show when my short dress got kicked up in the breeze.

-The seemless molded cups and underwire are well made, very comfortable and offer good support. The band under the arms and around the back is low enough for all of my dresses.

-I never had to tug or adjust the strapless top once, and anyone who wears the strapless bras–even ones that fit properly, know you get stuck adjusting it throughout the day as you reach for things over your head, etc. This straplesss upper stayed in place and I stayed in place in it.

-The slip is sexy compared to all other shapewear I own.  The fabric is smooth and I have not experienced cling or static with any of the materials I’ve worn over it.

-The slip did not make me feel hot or sweaty. I bought it at the beginning of summer and have worn it since to work, meeting, dates and two weddings (lots of dancing), and I did not feel like I was wearing an extra layer; it did not make me hot or sweaty.

-Although most of its structure is in the top (underwire; boning along ribs) it’s not restricing or uncomfortable.

The Cons:

-It does not provide firm control

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Waist Cincher Shapewear (see review below)

waist cincher shapewear 1This waist cincher is an Ann Chery waist cincher  classic you can wear anytime.  The band is constructed out of a latex core and features a soft cotton interior lining.  While sitting at your waist it extends all the way up to your abdominals.  It  also features two columns of hook-and-eye closures that let you size the garment down with you.  The cincher is anchored with Felixboning which also prevents migration.  This is a garment to add to your collection to supplement your active lifestyle. You will love the power the Ann Chery workout waist cincher band brings.  To get the best results, measure your waistline above your tummy with our size chart.  Don’t use your clothing size as Ann Chery’s shapewear tends to run quite small.

  • Hook-and-eye closure
  • Latex,cotton lining
  • High compression. Reduce up to 5 inches in waist
  • Flexiboning anchors the cincher and prevents migration
  • For best results, measure your waistline above your belly button and choose your size using the size chart.  Do not use your clothing size. Ann Chery’s shapewears runs very small.
  • Corrects posture Two columns of hook-and-eye closures allow you to size the garment down with you.
  • Helps to tonify the body through compression and perspiration

waist cincher shapewear 4waist cincher shapewear 3waist cincher shapesear

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Amazing !!!!

By Mar on April 6, 2104

Love it!!!! My shirt size is a M and I have read a lot of reviews on how it runs small so I Ordered an L one and I’m glad I did!!!! I’m 5’6″ 149 pounds hope this helps!

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